Thursday, 6 October 2016

September Hobby Challenge - where we ended up


I think it's fair to say that none of us Dads actually finished our hobby challenge by the end of September, but we all made good progress (ok, maybe not you Rich, but at least you opened the box...). That's just what happens when real life gets busy, and September is always a busy month when you're a parent; school starting, new routines, birthdays, etc. But that's why it's good to have a hobby in the first place, to escape all of that 'real life' stuff for 20 minutes here and there. And even if you get no modelling or painting time in, you might be able to read a Horus Heresy novel, plan an army list or talk to your mates about whether Leman Russ really would beat Horus in a fight... *cough* Russ *cough*...

So, here we are...

Dave managed to nearly finish Polux. Just the gems and blood to add. He'll write a post covering his Shattered Legions squad some time soon with lots of pics of Polux and Co.

Steve has 'finished' Angron. He says it's finished... but also says he might add something at a later date. He's now moved on to painting some World Eaters up.

Rich has got as far as giving Polux a bath... along with a whole Zone Mortalis board set!! (I think he might have got distracted somewhat by all that close quarters fighting goodness...)

James has made some big progress on his Baneblade but it still isn't finished. It's in a much better state than it started though!

Don't forget that Dads Rich and Dave also met up for a couple of epic games (making slanderous comments about the quality of each others' painting...), Dave read the HH novel Pharos, Rich read Praetorian of Dorn, James read Luna Mendax, Scorched Earth and Corax: Soulforge and Steve ran a 40k tournament for the kids at his school. All good hobby activities!


  1. Love that Polux with the helm, fantastic stuff.
    Goals are nice things to set, but they don't always happen.

    1. Cheers. I love me a mk3 helmet! :-)
      I think we might be giving hobby challenges a break and concentrating on the challenges of life :-)