Monday, 10 October 2016

Shattered Legions

Hello once again,

Whilst completing my hobby challenge piece, Alexis Polux, I was working on a squad of Shattered Legion marines. I wanted to do this group as a personal challenge to paint something different and try a few new techniques.

I selected the legions to include in my squad because of the challenge I thought they'd present and for fluff reasons and for gaming reasons.

We'll start with gaming. The Book 6 rules for Shattered Legions say you need a mixture of two main legions. I really wanted to base my force on the Iron Warriors, I was also painting Polux, and I was also reading Pharos, so Imperial Fists were logically my second choice.

However, I wanted to paint Shattered Legions to push myself. I wanted to paint some Emperor's Children, some World Eaters, some Salamanders. All legions with challenging colour schemes, but needing my two main legions to have a majority, I was limited. So I chose a Salamander, and Iron Hand and a Black Shield. I will have to wait until I paint another squad before I can mix in some other colours, but it will happen.

So, here is my completed squad.

All have a mixture of armour marks and iconography. This was a chance to really mix it up

This is the squad of 5 Iron Warriors, led by a Warsmith who goes by the name of the Iron Prophet. Perturabo never liked psychers, and although the Iron Prophet attained high rank, he never attained his Father's favour, due to his uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. He was never tested for latent psychic ability but the cloud of suspicion never left him. When his Primarch nailed his flag to Horus' cross, the Iron Prophet didn't follow, he didn't heed to the call to muster at Isstvan. instead he fled into the warp, almost coming to blows with Polux's force as they made their way to Sotha. Fate once again shined on the Iron Prophet though and he survived and aligned himself with the forces loyal to the Emperor.

These guys are The Brothers Grym. They are part of Polux's personal bodyguard, which followed him to Sotha. They are some of the first to carry the icon of the Crimson Fist.
The guy on the left I modelled to look like the armour shown on the cover of False Gods. I don't know what mark it was originally meant to represent (maybe Mk2) but in reality I've used a mix of Mks 2 (helmet), 4 (arms and crest), 5 (shoulder pad and back pack) and 7 (legs).

This is my Salamander, Black Shield and Iron Hand.
The Salamander turned out a lot plainer than I imagined. I should have added some flames, but then I started formulating an idea that he had removed all of the flames from his armour, because he doesn't know that Vulkan is alive, so the flames have died along with his Primarch.
The Black Shield ended up looking a lot like a Knight Errant, but no one knows because he hasn't spoken a single word since the start of the Heresy...
The Iron Hand was included mainly because I had a load of cool mechanical bits in my box which didn't really look right on Space Wolves but which I wanted to use somewhere.

I tried using a white background for these photos for the first time, and I'm not impressed. The colours seem muted. Things that appear to be glowing or glossy in the flesh seem flat. Let me know what you think.

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