Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Planning to challenge the demon...

So, you've probably seen the hobby challenges we've been setting ourselves this year? Well, Christmas is not too far away (trust us, as a parent you need to start planning early! Or at least being a  supportive husband when your wife starts planning in July...), and we're entering the busy period, so it's unlikely we're going to get another hobby challenge in.

However, I do like a painting challenge, and I do love the Horus Heresy, so I'm going to target the Horus Heresy Golden Demon at the weekender in February as my next challenge.

Image result for Golden Demon Painting

There's five categories and it's one entry per person, so I'm going to have a crack at them all:
  1. Horus Heresy Single Model Any single miniature, either on foot or bike. Models may be mounted either on a standard base no bigger than 50mm wide or (in the case of the Character Series), the display base provided with the model.*
  2. Horus Heresy Squad Any collection of 3-10 miniatures on foot or 3-5 miniatures on bikes. Squad may be mounted on singular display base of appropriate size.**
  3. Horus Heresy Vehicle Any single vehicle. This category includes dreadnoughts of all kinds, and Titans.
  4. Duel This category comprises two single models mounted on a base no more than 50mm in width. The judges will be looking for a dynamic pairing of two well-matched opponents in some kind of combat or other dramatic situation.
  5. Unbound For dioramas, battle scenes, larger scale miniatures and all other models not covered by the categories above.
I may not get entries for the Duel or Vehicle categories ready in time, but if I aim for them all and get three out of five, I'll be chuffed. I have started a 'duel' but there's more than 2 characters on the base, so will have to go in to the 'unbound' category instead I think.

For the Squad, I'm aiming for a three-man squad. I've got three awesome kit bashes in my legion tactical support squad which I've been dying to paint.

I am currently working on my Legion Fellblade, but I don't use an airbrush and my style of painting vehicles isn't in fashion at the moment so I don't think it stands a chance.

They are my thoughts for now. Let me know if you plan on entering, or if you have any tips?

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  1. I did a post on a duel done by a friend of mine that won a silver in the GD, might be useful for looking at ideas. Reminds me I need to get the second one out regarding the paint.

    1. I will do, sounds like it could be useful! I think I've got to the point where I'm happy with my painting but kinda no it won't win any prizes. Finalists badges are fine for me :-)