Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Shadow War Armegeddon - Prelude to 8th Edition 40k?

The release of Shadow War Armegeddon has certainly piqued interest in the Warhammer 40k community. The box looks amazing with some amazing terrain and 3 kill teams (2 x scout marine squads and 1 Ork squad) included.
 Shadow War Armegeddon Games Workshop Boxed Game

Limited Release
What is also interesting is the way that Games Workshop have controlled the release with a limited stock available to the public (which sold out in about 20 mins!) and only allowing purchases of 1 copy per person, This definitely caused quite a bit of uproar among fans but I have heard that Games Workshop did know that this product would be extremely popular and to keep up with production and distribution have had to limit the release to stages so it will be available again soon as the next batches are manufactured.

The rules have also been released for all of the factions not included in the game as a free download on the GW website (here). We see rules for:
Chaos Space Marines
Dark Eldar Wych Cults
Craftworld Eldar
Genestealer Cults
Grey Knights
Harlequin Troupes
First of all this is great to see that Games Workshop have been proactive and there hasn't been a delay in getting the info and rules out there in time for the release so that everyone can play and start to build teams around their armies.

On closer look the rules are really exciting! There were both lots of rumours and solid information coming out of Adepticon about 8th edition 40k and the potential rule changes involved with the next edition of the game. Games Workshop have also always said that their new 'mini' games do NOT share rules with any new edition that comes out.

I find this last statement hard to believe however as they must be using their boxed games as mini play-testing kits surely. Take the bits out that work and leave the stuff that doesn't? Anyway what excited me was the info about new movement and save modifiers potentially being in the new edition are included in Shadow War Armegeddon:

Shadow War Armegeddon - Prelude to 8th Edition 40k?

Stats I think may be in the new edition
I don't think that these rules will be the same as in this boxed game but I do think that these are pre-cursors to what some of the changes in the new edition may look like.

- Each unit has their movement stat in their stat line (Marines are 4" move while Dark Eldar and Tyranids are 6" for example)
- All weapons have a damage statistic which looks like it could be for use against vehicles (Autogun is damage 1, Lascannon is damage D6).
- All weapons have a save modifier rather than an AP stat (Bolter has -1, Lascannon has -6)

What does this all mean?
Nothing perhaps but I like some of these mechanics - the armour save modifier looks great which may mean that marines finally get some use out of cover as it may provide a + save modifier to armour in the game!!
The damage stat could mean that instead of front, rear and side armour a vehicle just has one armour value to roll against?
Also movement stats for each unit are a much more realistic way of playing as that tyranid horde bears down on your army early in the game!!

Your thoughts?
I would quite like to hear of any rumours or thoughts on these or other rules that anyone has about the new edition - positive or negative. Please let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Assuming that they're going back to something closer to 2nd Ed/Necromunda, the damage values are both for use against Vehicles (Added to the Armour Penetration roll, AVs will tend to be higher) and against Multi-Wound Models (They take multiple Wounds according to the damage value, but Instant Death is no longer a thing).

    Cover back then (and in SW:A) doesn't modify the Save, it modifies the To-Hit roll. Typically -1 for soft or partial Cover, -2 for full (more than half the Model) hard Cover.

  2. That's interesting. If they are going to speed things up I can't see the damage values being added then but I really hope that the modifier to hit because of cover is back. This then gives meq a reason to have cover on the battlefield at last!!!