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Astra Militarum Hellhound - Burn for the Emperor!

Recently I managed to stumble across an Astra Militarum Hellhound that I must have bought a while ago. I have always loved these vehicles and wanted one in my Emperor's Feth army so, as I am at home with a broken ankle I thought lets get it on!!

I haven't quite finished it so far but got to a point where it just needs weathering. Here is the story...

1. The beginning

This is how I found the hellhound - unloved at the bottom of a box!! I'd obviously settled on a scheme and started painting the barrels and hull. I can't remember any of this though and had no idea where the turret, instructions or if there was a back half to the vehicle!!!

How I found it
 2. Lets get started!

I wanted a change in colour scheme from both what I was painting (White) and what the rest of my army Chimera's and Leman Russ's looked like (Dawnstone Grey). I figured that these guys are the suicide kings and want to be noticed as they fly across the battlefield in their big petrol tank just waiting to be turned into a mushroom cloud! So I settled on Ulthuan Grey which is a very light grey with elements of a blue hue in it.
I quickly painted this up as a basecoat and then Leadbelchered up all of the metal bits before applying a Nuln oil wash to the metal and an Agrax Earthshade wash to all of the recesses in the model.

Base colours on of Ulthuan Grey and Leadbelcher

Ulthuan basecoat and Agrax wash
 3. Now where did I put them?

After a good old hunt around I managed to find an old box with a bunch of sprues in. After some comparing on the internet I located the turret and, it turns out that there is a rear section to the Hellhound too! I quickly built these and decided, after much deliberation, that I would go with the Hellhound cannon and a Multi melta. My thinking is that this vehicle will get targetting fairly early in the game as it is quick and will inevitably be up front with the enemy. Therefore I thought I'd go with dual use - Cannon for infantry and multi melta for tanks. I feel that the Melta cannon is a bit hit and miss and the Chem cannon is too small a range. With this load out it can be used as a big distraction from the other parts of my army as it could be a realistic threat if left untouched.

Newly mounted weapons!

A very attractive backside!
4. Some colour

 After getting the unpainted bits matching the standard of the rest of the hull I figured that the whole thing was a bit too mono-coloured. It needed something to break it up a bit and I have never painted stripes on a tank before so I reached for a sponge, some tape and had a go! I used some Mechrite Red to match the barrels in the back and darkened down some Dawnstone to split the red up. These are the colours I use on my infantry so hopefully it will tie in with the army too.

I basically just sponged some paint on the model after putting some tape on for the lines. The sides definitely look ok but I really don't like the back and i'm not sure about the turret colours. I think i'll definitely Ulthuan grey the back again but the turret may look ok once I start to weather the whole tank...?

Stripes on the side look ok...

Stripes on the turret i'm not sure on...

Definitely hate the stripes on the back!
5. Next Steps

So that's where I am currently. Next up is to weather the tank so what i'm going to try to do before the end of the week is to get some Abaddon Black, Leadbelcher and a sponge and start pitting the hull with Black and metal colours - particularly where it would wear more such as corners and handles. I also want to add some oil/promethium streaks and scorch/soot marks around certain areas. Finally I have some Stirland mud to put on the tracks to muddy things up a bit. None of these things I have done before so who knows what it'll look like!!!

Let me know what you think of the job so far - especially the stripes and if you have any ideas about weathering, or tutorials, please let me know.

All the best
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