Saturday, 17 November 2018

Astra Militarum Hellhound Complete! - Melt & Burn for the Emperor

Following on from part 1 HERE where I got my new Hellhound up to a very clean tabletop standard of painting I have now weathered the heck out of it and I am calling it finished.

Below are some comments about what I did to weather the Hellhound and all of the pictures introducing The Emperor's Feth newly recruited suicide cleanse and burn division...

1.- I absolutely love this model, it was a joy to paint with all of the details and character that is in this kit. I didn't feel I really had to add anything extra to it in the form of add-ons or equipment.

2 - Following the last post I thought that I would try a few new techniques out that I have been recommended to use by the other dads for ages.
Firstly I sponged on some Abaddon black to areas of the model where paint chipping would occur such as edges that may get caught, where handles get used and where guardsmen would climb up and down the vehicle.
I have never done this before but the outcome is super effective and i'm totally going to do it on every model from this point on!

3 - Then I applied some really small amounts of Leadbelcher to the middle of the areas of black sponging. This gives the effect of the paint being worn down to the metal heightening the worn and scratched look.
This application was really subtle and I was going to use the sponge technique here too but wanted more control of where the paint would be applied and so a used a fine detail brush to dab very small amounts of paint on.

- The tank still looked too monochrome to me after this point and also the Leadbelcher was standing out too much and needed blending into the model.
I picked up some Agrax Earthshade and, using very small amounts, covered every bit of Leadbelcher weathering. I also painted a couple of drip streaks around the model as if a bit of oil or rust had run. I was really pleased with the Hellhound now and photographed it thinking I was finished...

5 - ...After coming back to the model the following day I still felt that the tank needed something else. As I always do I sent the photos to the other dads and all of them said that it needed some dirt or mud on it. Rich politely reminded me that he had given some Forgeworld dirt powder a few years ago that I should use. I've never used it before so I did a quick bit of research and will use it forever more as I think it looks ace, plus it's really easy to use!
I dabbed it on with a stiff brush sporadically over the tracks and then built up some towards the front and bottom of the sides of the Hellhound.

6 - I'm so pleased with the results and glad that I have finally tried the sponging and powder techniques. I also nipped out and picked up a can of Munitorum Varnish to seal the powder in. This I had never used before but it is really simple, quick and the model looks exactly the same after using it as it did before. I'm definitely going to use it on all of my all models too.

So there we have it and I'm really happy with the results. I just can't wait to try this bad boy in battle now although of course it'll be the first thing to die - new model syndrome!!!

Please let me know what you think- good or bad - and let me know if you have used any of these techniques too.

All the best
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