Monday 31 January 2022

Back in the game! Necromunda

After a hugely busy end to the year it was almost a relief to hit January. Although I do love Christmas - catching up with friends and family and chilling out for a week.

This January I actually managed to get 3 games of Necromunda in! They all took ages as I couldn't remember the rules but they were great fun, had some brilliant cinematic moments in them and allowed me to mess around with different configurations of my TT Combat terrain from Element Games.

All of the games were with my Delaque and Orlock gangs and all were playing narrative missions.

Game 1

The Delaque got their backsides handed to them in this game as it was the first time I've played with the gang and had no idea what to do with their tactics or weapons!!! I realised that they need to stay together in groups and use their grenades in combination with their medium range weapons while the 2 snipers with long rifles pick people of at a distance. The Orlocks were solid and maintained board control for the entire game. Shotguns for the win!!!

Game 2

This was a cool board to play on with a big bridge across the centre. I played 'The Hit' where the Delaque had to take out the leader of the Orlocks for victory.
The game swung hugely from side to side and there were some brilliant cinematic moments - The Delaque were running up both sets of steps to take out Zed and his harpoon gun on the bridge. One ganger was being pursued by a pair of shotgun toting Orlocks and stopped on the stairs, turned around and blew one of the Orlock gangers clean off the wall with his own shotgun. Then with one side of attack being held up Zed ran to the other side of the bridge where 2 Delaque gangers were heading up the stairs and launched his harpoon gun through the first ganger, killing him instantly, and seriously injuring the second! Brilliant stuff!
Eventually the Delaque managed to down Roky and beat the Orlocks in this game.

Game 3

This was a much more simple set up but just as effective for a good game. I reversed sides in the mission 'The Hit' and again the battle swung both ways throughout each turn. Eventually the Orlocks managed to corner the Delaque leader and dispose of him however.

Three great games and the sheer variety of play available because of both the terrain setup and the way the game plays is really incredible and will never get boring. Can't wait for the next time now!!

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  1. Sounds like you had an intense and thrilling series of games! It's always fun to see gangs facing off in Necromunda, especially when there are cinematic moments like the ones you described. It seems like you've got a good grasp on your gang's tactics now. Looking forward to hearing more about your Necromunda adventures!