Thursday 17 February 2022

Hazard lines!!!

I was totally inspired for Necromunda after playing a few games recently but not having much time I chose a quick scenery upgrade to improve my terrain.

I noticed some printable weathered hazard stripes on instagram a while ago and have been using them on the columns from TT Combat. Originally I was a bit dubious of 'cheating' by using printed hazard lines instead of painting them on but they actually look marvelous and are so easy to do!! I spent an absolute age painting hazard lines on the columns and they didn't even look very good so when I tried these print outs which literally take minutes to cut out and PVA on, my mind was completely changed!

Below you can see the printed hazard lines on the right which took 5 mins max and the hand painted hazard lines on the left which took hours to do all 4 corners!!

The link to the hazard line print out sheet is here:

And here are some stairs I've also added printed hazard stripes to...

 The effect is great as the stripes really bring out the details on what is quite a dark board...

I'm so taken with using print outs I'm in the process of adding some posters too. More on that soon...

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